Thursday, 25 October 2012

OUGD504 // Type Workshop // Corbel Type Sheet

From the type software workshop we had last week, we were set a task to create a type sheet, which displayed a certain typeface. This has to include the typeface, the full alphabet and characteristics of the typeface. My group was doing sans-serif typefaces, so we had to compare our typeface to Helvetica.
My typeface was CORBEL.

Here i compared the two typefaces to find the letterforms which had the most difference for me to use on the characteristics section of the type sheet.
I thought i should have lower and upper case letters, so i choose 3 of each:
lowercase - a k y
uppercase - C G Q

From this i started to design the separate sections and elements to make the type sheet
Here i designed the three different comparisons for each typeface, the top two are the main characteristics which i done in both typefaces, the third is both typefaces laid over each other to show the differences.

Within the type sheet, we had to have the typeface name, along with the full alphabet of it and a brief description of it, so here i designed all that information into a block which will work within the design.

The third element of the type sheet is to display the main characteristics of the typeface and to describe them. To do this i have used a grey circle with the opacity turned down to overlay the letterforms to show which area of the letterform is different.

Here is the characteristics with the description below.

Laying out the elements of the design into the type sheet.

The process i went through to add each section to the type sheet, to make it the full complete type sheet with all the elements we had to include.

insert pdf

I feel that the characteristics that i have chosen for the typeface are the main ones which make this typeface different from the rest, the way in which i have displayed this is clear and precise by using the grey circles to highlight each area. The comparisons of each typeface also work well within the context as its good to see an example of both the typefaces but then one which overlays them, so you can actually see the differences there in front of you, the best way to see this is by overlaying them.

I think that this type sheet as a full design works well, it has all the important information about the typeface and clearly shows all the characteristics of the typeface. The design of it makes it easy to read and see all the different sections and see what each is on about. The information provided is precise and straight to the point.

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