Tuesday, 2 April 2013

OUGD503 // Responsive // Final Crit

In the final crit we were split in half and worked in pairs. For the crit we had to evidence all the briefs we had entered / worked on, this would be presented through using presentation boards.

With the crit format, we were looking at the work as a whole and looking at each individual briefs within the module, to evaluate if the work they had done was sufficient and showed a full body of work throughout the module.

We used a form to fill out to make it easier and this standardised the crit for everyone.

Crit Feedback:
number of briefs presented: 9
sufficient work: yes
sufficient evidence of planning: yes
is the evidence clearly presented: yes
is the evidence appropriate to the briefs: yes
is there sufficient evidence of reflection and evaluation: yes

All work is very well done, we think the strongest work is Fedrigoni and Ellas Kitchen. Excellent craftsmanship and binding throughout - which is expected from nathan.

Areas for improvements:
Could be extend logo brief to create a range
photograph the physical products e.g greeting cards.

Additional Comments:
Thorough and well executed work
Craft skills are excellent

Actions Required:
Photograph work
Extend smaller briefs into projects.

The feedback i was given i felt was fair, there was still things that i was working on at the time, so everything wasn't completely finished and all briefs were shown in this crit. The good feedback on my projects have given me good confidence in that style of work and something that i can look into doing more in the future. With the smaller projects I had planned to extend these briefs anyway, so this will come over easter when i have more time to do this.

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