Sunday, 31 March 2013

OUGD503 // Its Nice That // Concept and Idea

I have decided to do the Its Nice That, D&AD brief because i feel that i have done alot of print work and not enough on the digital side.

With a rise of mobile technology and most of todays students having a smart phone the idea behind this brief was to create an app, which had the content of Its Nice That’s website to make a accessible app for all student to be able to search and browse to find inspiration for their own creative practice.

I am going to use the same look and style as Pinterest, in the way that the images are all displayed within the space but the images are all different sizes and interlock with each other to create a wall of inspiration. This will be adapted to work with the news stories etc that will be presented in the Its Nice That. I want it to be a creative way in which you search to find inspiration on the go.


Design Sheets
To get some ideas flowing and thinking in the way that i needed for the app design, i started to sketch out some quick ideas of various different screenshots, to help me get started on the designing of it.

Initial Ideas
From some quick idea i had in my head i have drawn up some quick illustrations to show how the app would work, some have been developed further than others, but this was just to get the ideas out of my head and onto the computer. From these i will work them up properly to the right design. 

Breaking the website down
For the app i have taken the content from the Its Nice That website, i have used the categories on there to create the categories within the app. 

- Categories
- Monthly Archive
- Regular Features
- Events
- Podcast
- Contact

The first three categories are ways in which the user can search the app and find posts and images. The third three categories are ways in which they can get involved with Its Nice That. 

Seperating the app out in this way, gives equal amount to each side of which i think is important to relaunch the brand to the student community. 

OUGD503 // Feel Good Drinks // Final Bottles

After designing all the bottles and labels for each products I have done two of ranges to show how the idea works over the products.
I feel as thought these designs brings the Feel good drinks into a more modern design and the colours used will make them stand out of the competitors on the shelf.

Still Fruit Drinks

Sparkling Fruit Drinks

Fruit Drinks With Labels

Full Range of Bottles and labels

PDF Presentation Boards

Thursday, 21 March 2013

OUGD503 // Feel good drinks // Bottle neck label

Because i want the focus of the bottle design to be on the ingredients and that feel good use 100% natural ingredients, I decided not to print what would be on the back of the label like the ingredients and nutritional information, instead I have designed a label / tag which will be attached around the neck of the bottle.

Each bottle will have its own label and it will be colour co-ordinated to the colour of the fruits in that drink. The illustration will also be shown on the front of the label with the feel good label too.

Before starting the design of the bottle neck label, i cut out a rough copy of the label size and using a feel good bottle from the canteen downstairs I measured up which size would work best for the size of the bottle, to make it all look in proportion. 

The format of the label will be a small rectangle - 40mm x 60mm. I didnt want the label to be too big as it wont look in proportion to the bottle and it doesnt want to be too big that it over powers the printed label on the bottle.
As i have said the front of the label will include the illustration and feel good logo, this will be slightly smaller than the other other half of the label, so the flavour name can be displayed and seen, but this is infact on over hand side of the label. Inside the label will be nutritional information and information on the juice drink.
It will look like this examples below:

Colour schemes:
These colours are taken from the colour of each juice flavour. This will co-inside with the colour of juice so the tag matches the bottle. 

Label Designs:

Label on bottle

Orange and Passionfruit 375ml Bottle

Orange and Passionfruit 275ml Bottle

OUGD503 // Feel good Drinks // Bottle designs

From doing the labels for each bottle, i decided to mock each one up on the bottle that i would be present on if was actually to be printed. The idea was to show the concept with the colour of the juice working with the label to create the desired effect.
Initially I had to find images of the bottles to mock the design up onto, which proved to be tricky but i found decent sized ones online, but had to edit them to get the label off them which was shown on the image.

These were the two original bottles which i have used to mock my designs onto. Using various tools on photoshop i managed to get rid of the label design on these to leave the bottle and colour behind, so i could add my design to them. (images from google).

Image after i had edited it to mock my own design on. 

Again when it came to adding the design to the bottles, the original label design was too big to be simply dropped onto the bottle, so i had to scale this down to fit onto the bottle image. I set out the grid and lined everything up to where i wanted it to be placed on the bottle, which i then laid out the label to fit within the grid structure on the bottle. 
As you can see here the bottle design has too different colours within the design. I have set the flavouring of the juice to white, so it stands out against the colour of the juice, the rest of the design is on a percentage of black set to a bending mode so the colour of the juice starts to show through it. The illustration at the top is at a higher opacity to the information below because i wanted this to stand out more. 
I have kept the design consistent across all bottles and working to this grid. 

375ml Glass Bottles

Still Fruit Drink

On the images where the title goes off the edge of the bottle, this will continue to wrap around the bottle if was to be printed, if you was to look at it printed on this elevation this is what you would see.  

Sparkling Fruit Drink

275ML Glass Bottles

Still Fruit Drink

Sparkling Fruit Drink

OUGD503 // Feel good drinks // Label Design

From the initial mock up of the label design, i have carried on working on that design and structured the layout of the label out more, focussing on the hierarchy of all the text and the size of the illustration in comparison to the title. Also the spacing between each block of information was important, this again split down into the hierarchy of the whole label.

I started with the still labels and as you can see here, i have structured the label out by using the guides within Illustrator. The hierarchy of the text within the label has been structured well ad the spacing works so that your eye can see each individual section. The reasoning that they are spaced out with a good clear gap, is because the design will be printed directly onto the bottle, using the drink colour as the colour for the label, so in this instance the text needed spacing so that it would be legible. 
I have kept the font of the brand for the juice flavouring as i think this is a distinctive style to the brand and people recognise it through this, so i thought it waskey to use within the design. The lower font is futura which i think balances out the main font. 
The illustration of the label is the flavouring within the juice, this is set to an outline so the colour of the juice gives the fruit the colour, i have proportioned this to the title below as you can see it is aligned to the end of the 'L', I didnt want it to be as wide as the top line of the type and i felt this sits nicely in line with everything and looks balanced. The height of the illustration is slightly more than title, this is because it is the main thing to see so you can tell the flavouring of the drink, as the type below is bold that will stand out on its own, so i have made the illustration slightly bigger to compensate for the smaller impact it has when you first see it. 

Using this grid i have set up here on this label, I have designed the rest of the labels in line with it, the length of the flavouring of the juice may vary because of the word count of it, but this doesnt really matter because it will just wrap around the bottle, aslong as the height of it fits within this grid so it is constant within the structure and across all labels. 


Here is the rest of the labels within the structure of the grid layout. 

Breakdown of the illustration for each label
For the illustration i have done them as an outlined vector. As i have explained before this is to show the colour of juice through the design so the illustration is coloured with the actual colour of the juice. I have done this because they use 100% natural ingredients, so the colour of the juice should roughly be the colour of the fruit. This is what i am trying to show throughout the whole range. Let the juice do the talking. 

The illustrations show the two ingredients that are present in the flavouring of the juice. 

Finished Label Designs
These are the finished labels for each of the flavours of the feel good drinks range. These will now be mocked up onto the bottles to show what they would look like printed.