Thursday, 21 March 2013

OUGD503 // Feel good drinks // Bottle neck label

Because i want the focus of the bottle design to be on the ingredients and that feel good use 100% natural ingredients, I decided not to print what would be on the back of the label like the ingredients and nutritional information, instead I have designed a label / tag which will be attached around the neck of the bottle.

Each bottle will have its own label and it will be colour co-ordinated to the colour of the fruits in that drink. The illustration will also be shown on the front of the label with the feel good label too.

Before starting the design of the bottle neck label, i cut out a rough copy of the label size and using a feel good bottle from the canteen downstairs I measured up which size would work best for the size of the bottle, to make it all look in proportion. 

The format of the label will be a small rectangle - 40mm x 60mm. I didnt want the label to be too big as it wont look in proportion to the bottle and it doesnt want to be too big that it over powers the printed label on the bottle.
As i have said the front of the label will include the illustration and feel good logo, this will be slightly smaller than the other other half of the label, so the flavour name can be displayed and seen, but this is infact on over hand side of the label. Inside the label will be nutritional information and information on the juice drink.
It will look like this examples below:

Colour schemes:
These colours are taken from the colour of each juice flavour. This will co-inside with the colour of juice so the tag matches the bottle. 

Label Designs:

Label on bottle

Orange and Passionfruit 375ml Bottle

Orange and Passionfruit 275ml Bottle

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