Monday, 18 March 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // National Media Museum

At the weekend I decided to go and visit the National Media Museum in Bradford. At the minute they have an Experience TV exhibition which is all about the BBC, part of this is about the BBC radio and they have a section about the radio and the history and object from the early days. BBC Leeds is also broadcasted from within the building so that works to my advantage too.
I took a look at the BBC exhibition along with other exhibitions within the museum, i also looked at the way finding within the museum and some of the printed material for the promotion of the museum and exhibitions held within it.

Because the museum is film and photography based the exhibitions were really interactive and had alot of displays throughout showing different equipment and explaining these through the information panels provided as part of the exhibit. Alot of the exhibitions did involve projections of videos within them which was interesting to see and to see how they had set that area up for he visitor to get involved with. The BBC section was mainly about the TV side of things but there was a small area which had the radio and some of the early equipment they used, this was interesting to see and see how i could include this within the imagery of the exhibition.
I really like the idea of having the big blown up graphic of the plan of the museum on the wall as you enter the museum, this is great to be able to see how it is broken down and where each exhibition is. This worked with the way finding system with the colour coding.

This was a great idea to visit the museum as i got to see parts of an exhibition about the BBC and how this was laid out with the exhibits and the information displayed, but i also got to see other exhibitions and how they differed from the BBC one. Along with the seeing the wayfinding of the museum was good to have an idea of what they did for it and how it worked throughout the museum.

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