Sunday, 3 March 2013

OUGD501 // COP // Advertising

For the second part of the COP module we are putting the theory into practise. From doing our essay we now have to create a graphic response to that subject. We could either stay on the same subject or change it.
I have decided to stay with the same subject of advertising within the modern society and if theories are still present within them. In a couple of weeks we have a crit for the ideas of this second part of the module, so i have been thinking about some ideas and where i could take it.

insert design sheet. 

I am still big on the idea of advertisements and showcasing them in some way. I have come up with a couple of ideas on how to present this.

1. Advertising Anthology / The big book of advertising
- collection of advertisements - both good and bad - explaining the idea of them and how they work.
- advertising theories - inform about them
- quotes form designers / what they think about advertising.
- what to do / what not to do
- split into different chapters

2. Ads through the years
- history of advertising
- shows ads through the years with explanation
- shows how design has changed & ads evolved
- how social media has impacted on advertising
- hows ads effect society

3. The good, the bad & the ugly
- Visual resource
- collection of good, bad and plain ugly ads
- explanation of them / company behind them.
- deconstruct ads

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