Thursday, 21 March 2013

OUGD503 // Feel Good Drinks // Initial design Ideas

As part of the responsive brief I have decided to do the Feel Good brief, the first part of the brief, which is to focus on the packaging of bottle and the label and how it works across the range of different products they have.
This includes glass bottle, plastic PET bottle, cardboard carton. From looking at the brief they have stated that they want a simple and unclutted design for the label, but want to focus on the communication of the label - making sure that the reasons of feel good is communicated - 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar.

For my idea, i want to take everything back to basics. To communicate that the products are 100% natural ingredients i am going to create a label that uses the juice itself as the colour, this will highlight that the ingredients are the important factor and show this off. The design is going to be simple, but have all the needed information on it. The label will be either a clear vinyl label or printed onto the bottle itself. There will be a smaller label that is stuck onto the bottle lid and extends to the side of the bottle, this will advertise it being a Feel Good Drink and hold the feel good logo. In order to make the bottle have as little information on it, there will be a small booklet/label that will attach around the bottle neck, this will hold all the other information that would normally be on the back bottle label.

Design Sheets

Within the brief it does state that the logo of feel good can be adapted and changed, but personally i like it how it is, especially the type because it identifies that it is feel good and gives the drinks some character and personality. The type is fun and bold and stands within the company aesthetics, so i am going to keep this element the same and use the type within the labels.

The packaging is to focussed around the still and sparkling range which is:
still - cranberry and pomegranate, orange and mango, apple and blackcurrant, cloudy lemon.
sparkling - orange and passionfruit, cranberry and lime, cloudy lemon.

As i have stated i am going to use the typeface that feel good use within there logo as i feel this identifies them as a company and stands out from others which would be on the shelf in the supermarkets.

When i was creating the words i have altered the typeface slightly to make it display and work better as a typeface. Originally all the letters were the same size, so there was no ascenders or descenders within the letters that should have them. This created an imbalance in how the words looked and it didn't read properly, also the letters weren't all in proportion to each other. Having changed this you can see above the title of each drink that a label will be created for, as the typeface now reads much better and like it normally would, the balance of all the letters together works great and looks miles better. 

Within the label i am going to use an illustration of the fruit to show what flavour it is. This will only be an outline of the fruit as the juice itself will give it the colour when the label is placed onto the bottle. I wanted a more hand drawn feel to the illustrations and something that didn't look perfect.

Cloudy Lemon, as there is only one fruit used in this drink i have drawn a lemon slice and whole lemon, these will be placed together on the label. 

The label is going to be transparent and be either stuck onto the bottle using a clear vinyl or printed directly onto the bottle, it will have a be laid out as if it is a rectangular label and be broken down into 5 sections. This is to show the hierarchy of the information. 

Mock up of the cloudy lemon label. I have used Futura for the lower information, I have decided to use this typeface because i think it fits in well with the main typeface, futura has a nice flow to is and it rounded throughout the typeface, so i think it fits with the main typeface well. 
As you can see the label is broke down into 5 sections - illustration, juice title, still juice, nutritional information, feel good company. 
This keeps the label simple and uncluttered, which is what they stated they wanted in the brief. 


A quick mock up of the label on a glass bottle, here you can see that the colour of the juice comes through into the label is is used throughout the label. I think this brings the juice in focus and highlights the area of the nutritional values of feel good. It also looks pretty good.  

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