Thursday, 7 March 2013

OUGD503 // Ella's Kitchen // Product Publication

Within the printed publication i am using the binding from a GFSmith publication, this involves creating a loop within the bind in which you slot something inside to lock the pages in. I am going to use the product publication to slide into the binding mechanism. This will be the same height as the main publication but thinner. In order to fit all the products and make it easy to find within it, i have designed the publication using a tab system down the side.

I have kept the idea of the front cover running throughout all three publications, this makes it consistent across them all. The design of this also sets the design for the rest of the publication. I have again used the characters throughout the publication to make it more fun and engaging. 

Each section of the publication has a tabbed page, this will show down the side so it is easy for the user to be able to find the stage they are looking for. For each section i have used the same colour which is used on the website, this will make it consistent across the brand and identify with the user alot easier. The first page as you can see is a small introducing to the publication. 

I have kept the design of the pages really simple because it is such a small area and i didnt want to overpower it with too much information and images all over the place. This design makes it easy to read and identify the different products within the publication. Again you can see i have used the illustrated characters to mix with the photography of the products, this is to engage the user more within the publication and to play with the aesthetics of the brand. 
All the other pages like this in each is designed exactly the same the way and taken on the same concept throughout. 

These are the other tabbed pages, each are colour coded to the sections on the website. Like on the binding and the front of the publication, i have included the characters on the lettering, this is again to keep everything looking as a whole and to make it more fun to look at, its the sort of design that the brand runs along with. 

The last page show the special diets and that the products are vegetarian, gluten free and diary free. Agin the design of this is simple, so it is quick and easy for the user to read. 

The back cover, uses the illustration of the front cover again, this is keep the publication looking the same throughout, over the top of this, i have used a QR Code to which would link the web application as this is to run along it. 

Overall i am pretty happy with the outcome of the publication, i knew it was going to be a tricky one to design with the format of the publication, but by keeping it simple within the design i think i have worked with the format well and done the best design within the publication that i could. It is clear and easy to read, making the communication of the publication good and the user should find it engaging by using the characters and various other illustration amongst it. 


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