Thursday, 7 March 2013

OUGD503 // Ella's Kitchen // Illustrations

From the beginning of this brief i said to Greg that one of things i personally wanted to explore more and improve my skills on, was illustration and image making. This brief lent itself really well to illustrations, as thats the kind of brand and aesthetics that Ella's Kitchen has. So when it came to doing the illustrations, i was put in charge of doing these. 

When i first started doing them, i was a bit lost and not very confident, but then when i showed Greg the characters that i did, he was pleased with them and others in the class started to look at them and said they were good too, this gave me more confidence for doing the illustrations throughout the rest of the project. 
These are some of the main ones which we used within the publication and the web application. 

Icons for in the products publication, this was used on each tabbed section and highlight which section of products was being looked at. 

Farm yard illustration - I initially did this for the publication, which it has been used for, but also we needed a background for the website, so after adjusting this and added some sky to it, it also became the background to the website. 

Simple illustrations to communicate that the products of Ella's Kitchen are vegetarian, diary free and gluten free. 

These remaining illustrations were all used within the publication and were used along side the information for the content. The illustrations made the publication more interesting and enjoyable to read - its adds more to the publication along with the words and illustrates what they are communicating. The illustrations also made the publication more in keeping with the aesthetics of the brand. 

I was really pleased with the illustrations that i have created throughout the project and surprised myself in the first place, from that i built on the confidence i gained to make the rest as good as i could possibly do. I do now think that without these illustrations the project wouldn't be the same and would lack alot in the design of it. In the end these illustrations link the content to the brand and the design of everything to the brand too, so they are important to it all. 

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