Sunday, 17 March 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Research Book

From starting this brief we have been researching in many different areas along with the main area that we considered to be our 'good'. In order to present this in a clear and precise way, so that everyone can see the exact areas of research that have influenced the decisions and he final brief we have re-written. This was to be presented in a 16 page booklet and include all areas of research that we consider to be important.

For my book i decided to split it into three different sections which i have focussed my research around:
- History of BBC Radio
- An exhibition of
- Format & Processes

These three areas are what i have been focussing my research around since we started and progressed through the brief.

Master pages - The design of the master page for the whole publication.

Master page for the publication, this is the design of the main pages, which each section will have a added title on the page too. 

Section master page. 

Close ups of the master pages, showing the headings and page numbering. 
I decided to put the page numbering in the middle of the page because i wanted to have the two titles on the top and bottom of the page, this was to seperate the titles, leaving the middle of the page for the page numbering. This also makes it easy to see the page numbers too. 

The design of each page, was centered around the columns that i split the page down into. I decided to use 4 columns, so i had more room to experiment with the design of the page and make it more interesting. I wasnt going to put information or images in all columns as this would make the page too cramped, but they would be there to give room for movement with the information. 

Examples of some of the spreads within the publication. As you can see the 4 column system within the layout of each page has given more room to change the layout of the page for each, but still be kept within the grid of the document. 

At the beginning of each section I have started it with a light orange page, this keeps in line with the colour scheme of the publication and the colour that i want to use throughout the project. I decided to do this because I didnt have enough pages to have a title page, but this breaks the publication up in the same sense anyway. 

Front cover - The background image is one of the first BBC microphones to be used within the BBC for radio broadcasting, adding the title over the top and reducing the opacity of this, lets the image behind be seen through. 

Back cover - The back cover is again using the orange colour scheme and has an image of another early microphone for broadcasting. The quote is taken from the research I have done on John Reith. 

Over the top of these i am going to add another smaller cover that goes over the spine, this will be half the width of the cover and have a primary title to this. 


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