Tuesday, 5 March 2013

OUGD503 // Ella's Kitchen // Publication Design

Moving onto the design of the publication. The main publication is A5 in size. We set on this size because its a good size to hold in your hands, its very readable and easy to post to clients.

The insides of the publication are going to be aesthetically similar to that of Ella's Kitchen, which is what needed to communicate the brand. I intend to use the characters and other illustrations throughout the publication to make it more fun and enjoyable to read, but also use a good grid structure for it to look its best too.

This is the first half of the publication, the right way up side. Here the information is about the story of the brand. This describes what the brand is about and how they started etc. The main title header is only a place colour for now, as i havent decided on a main colour yet, but all the illustrations and layout of the text is how it will be. 
I have use Futura in the publication, because it is such a rounded font, i think it works in synergy with the illustrations well and has a little bit of a childish look it, or i associate younger writing / audience with the font. 

Close ups
These close ups are just to show more of the publication design and see a closer detail at the content some of the pages. 
With every page along the bottom i have used the illustrated characters that have been featured on that page, to make them look like they are all walking along the bottom of the page. Again bringing in the fun side of things and making it seem more like Ella's Kitchen. 

This shows the basic structure of the page. The title area at the top is the same on every page, this makes it consistent throughout the publication. Each page has been split into 2 columns and uses another grid ontop of that to align the content to. 

Here we have one of the images used on the website within the publication as an image for supporting what Ella's Dad has to say about the company. The use of mixing illustrated elements and photography together in the same publication works well in this case, because alot of the photos have a back drop which is in the Ella's Kitchen style, it all fits together really well. 

This is the second half of the publication, here we have the publication content about the good things that Ella's Kitchen do. 
I hav carried on the same style of design and aesthetics through this half of the publication. When being printed this half will be flipped around, so that the publication will be read from either end of the publication. 

The front cover is the same as the one above and the same idea goes for this one too. The illustration style of this sets the aesthetics for the whole publication and the actual design of the cover ties in with Ella's Kitchen brand too. 

Splitting the publication down into the relavent sections brought 4 different elements up, so i have taken a page each for each one., I have tried to vary the layout of each page but still make them work as double page spreads on there own too. I like the illustrative style to these spread and think it lends itself well to ellas kitchen. In addition to this half, i have added the small characters at the bottom of the page, this is the characters which have been involved in the page layout, i have made them look like they are walking towards each other - this is just something to engage the reader into and to make it more fun whilst reading through. 

I had a page within the publication left at the end, so whilst reading through some information about ellas kitchen, i came across some information about the barn - this is what they call the UK headquaters for the company, but the best thing about it they use all there beliefs and rules when working here; they have recyclable electricity etc and plant trees etc around the barn itself, so i though including this in this section of the publication would show they are true to their word and actually put everything into action. 

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