Tuesday, 5 March 2013

OUGD503 // Ella's Kitchen // Publication Front covers

Working on the publication has begun and i have started with designing the publication front covers. Now because i am splitting the main publication into two, i am going to have two different front covers and then the smaller publication on the inside will have its own too.

I want them to be in keeping with the company aesthetics and something that when the users of the publication see, they will instantly know its about Ellas Kitchen. The first thing i think of about them is the illustration style backgrounds used across all their promotion and website. The rolling hills, with the tree. I am going to take this design aspect and apply it to the front cover.

The front covers are going to be full bleed and include an illustration, part of the binding mechanism will form the front cover and the wording for this.

A5 Front covers:

The two front covers are designed to be similar, they are both part of the same publication and form the two separate parts of the publication, so i decided that i needed them to be the same in the design for it to work best. I think the illustrations have designed well, i have felt pretty confident with my illustration skills lately and feel that they have come on alot more, so this for me was really easy to do and i think the result is pretty strong too. 
Very in keeping with the brand design, which is what me and Greg both wanted, so it all works great. 

Smaller publication

Here again i have used the same design, except shrunk it down to the new format size, as this is much thinner than the previous designs, i have had to loose the tree within the artwork as there is no room and the post sign needed to be big enough for it to be readable. 
Within the main publication i think this will sit good in the middle of the pages and once the user gets into the middle of the publication, i think this will catch their eyes and make them pull it out and read it. 

From these designs i am going to adapt the colour on the sign post to match that of the accent colour for each publication. I think this will fit in well with each publication and make them easier to tell apart and give each one an identity. 

Binding section
As previously discussed in the other posts the publication is held together by the binding mechanism. I am going to design the outer panels of this to be part of the publication front cover and content to it too. This will make it double sided. 

Front cover view. This will roughly be about 3/4 of the width of the full bleed illustration. It gives the whole publication an identity and as soon as you see this you know its about the brand. As you can see i have flipped the design on the other half, this is because of the split publication, the second half is going to be read from the other side, but i want the publication to look like one from either side, by doing this you can read and find out all the information from either end of the publication. There is no front or back to it. 

This is the contents page - on the reverse of the design above. This displays what content is in each publication, along with the company details to get in touch. 

On both designs i wanted to start to bring the characters into the design, one to make them be seen and secondly to make the designs more enjoyable and fun to look at. 

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