Sunday, 31 March 2013

OUGD503 // Its Nice That // Concept and Idea

I have decided to do the Its Nice That, D&AD brief because i feel that i have done alot of print work and not enough on the digital side.

With a rise of mobile technology and most of todays students having a smart phone the idea behind this brief was to create an app, which had the content of Its Nice That’s website to make a accessible app for all student to be able to search and browse to find inspiration for their own creative practice.

I am going to use the same look and style as Pinterest, in the way that the images are all displayed within the space but the images are all different sizes and interlock with each other to create a wall of inspiration. This will be adapted to work with the news stories etc that will be presented in the Its Nice That. I want it to be a creative way in which you search to find inspiration on the go.


Design Sheets
To get some ideas flowing and thinking in the way that i needed for the app design, i started to sketch out some quick ideas of various different screenshots, to help me get started on the designing of it.

Initial Ideas
From some quick idea i had in my head i have drawn up some quick illustrations to show how the app would work, some have been developed further than others, but this was just to get the ideas out of my head and onto the computer. From these i will work them up properly to the right design. 

Breaking the website down
For the app i have taken the content from the Its Nice That website, i have used the categories on there to create the categories within the app. 

- Categories
- Monthly Archive
- Regular Features
- Events
- Podcast
- Contact

The first three categories are ways in which the user can search the app and find posts and images. The third three categories are ways in which they can get involved with Its Nice That. 

Seperating the app out in this way, gives equal amount to each side of which i think is important to relaunch the brand to the student community. 

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