Wednesday, 20 March 2013

OUGD503 // Ellas Kitchen // Final images

After finishing the publication and managing to get it printed in numerous drop in sessions, we cut it up and bound it with a simple stitch bind down the spine.
Now it was time to take some photos of it ready for the presentation boards. We tried to get down into the photography studio, but it was fully booked, so we looked around college for some places which had a lot of light. We decided to use the big window near the graphics office, after setting up some white card on the window ledge we started to get some shots of the publication.
With the photos we wanted to get over the idea of the format of the publication, so we could talk about this in the presentation boards and explain it in more detail. Also getting close up shots of the characters and information within the publication was key too.

I am pretty happy with the publication, the format of this was the main idea behind it all and the way in which the user engaged with the publication was key.
I designed it so that it could be read from either side, this meant which ever way the user picked it up they could read it and makes it easier for them. This format also helped to break down the company into the three areas that i wanted to use. Again this is why the publication was read from either end - as each one was a different area of the company.
The small publication on the middle insert was tricky to do as i planned it as a tabbed publication, getting the design of this right was pretty hard in the first instance, also the format of this publication was very tall and narrow, so the space to design in was limited - i think i did the best design possible with the space.

Overall with the publication i am happy with it, I have explored image making and illustration alot more throughout this too, which was pushed on from the success of the characters - also featuring within the publication. I think that has been the main accomplishment for me personally with this project and the publication, without the illustration running through the publication it would be no where near the brand aesthetics and totally stick out like a sore thumb.

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