Monday, 18 March 2013

OUGD501 // Theory to Practise // Concept

From looking initially at some ideas for the COP second half of the brief, I have decided that I am going to focus on Advertising in general.
At the minute I have two ideas floating around, they both have the same concept of presenting a body of research about advertising to inform the user more about the subject.

I either want to create a publication which informs more general about advertising; this would include theory into advertising, with information on what advertising is, how it effects the public, advertising techniques and case studies of advertising campaigns.

The second idea is more precise and would be a case study on one brand, this would look through the history of the advertising campaigns and how they have developed and changed the public.

At the minute I am favouring the first idea, but I am not sure if this responds to the brief and has enough theory in it. Hopefully the crit and concept proposal will help me iron this out more.

In terms of visuals for the idea of the concept i have looked at some different formats in which the publication would take.

The range of images show two different types of publications, this will depend on the idea that i decide to go with. The more formal formats would be for the first idea which is the general theme of advertising which i will introduce it as a subject matter. The formats which look more like a collection of smaller booklets - multi page documents would be for the case study idea - if i decide to do this idea it will take on a sort of journalist style and include more scans of things and a mixture of other media to build up the publication. 

After looking into the format of the publication further I found a book called 

These are some screenshots of the publication. I really like the layout of the multiple images on the spreads. I think this would be a good way to show a advertising campaign, with multiple images merged together over a double page spread. The formalisation of the images across the publication works really well and gives a structure to the publication which makes it look more professional as a whole. 


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