Thursday, 21 March 2013

OUGD503 // Feel good Drinks // Bottle designs

From doing the labels for each bottle, i decided to mock each one up on the bottle that i would be present on if was actually to be printed. The idea was to show the concept with the colour of the juice working with the label to create the desired effect.
Initially I had to find images of the bottles to mock the design up onto, which proved to be tricky but i found decent sized ones online, but had to edit them to get the label off them which was shown on the image.

These were the two original bottles which i have used to mock my designs onto. Using various tools on photoshop i managed to get rid of the label design on these to leave the bottle and colour behind, so i could add my design to them. (images from google).

Image after i had edited it to mock my own design on. 

Again when it came to adding the design to the bottles, the original label design was too big to be simply dropped onto the bottle, so i had to scale this down to fit onto the bottle image. I set out the grid and lined everything up to where i wanted it to be placed on the bottle, which i then laid out the label to fit within the grid structure on the bottle. 
As you can see here the bottle design has too different colours within the design. I have set the flavouring of the juice to white, so it stands out against the colour of the juice, the rest of the design is on a percentage of black set to a bending mode so the colour of the juice starts to show through it. The illustration at the top is at a higher opacity to the information below because i wanted this to stand out more. 
I have kept the design consistent across all bottles and working to this grid. 

375ml Glass Bottles

Still Fruit Drink

On the images where the title goes off the edge of the bottle, this will continue to wrap around the bottle if was to be printed, if you was to look at it printed on this elevation this is what you would see.  

Sparkling Fruit Drink

275ML Glass Bottles

Still Fruit Drink

Sparkling Fruit Drink

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