Monday, 31 December 2012

OUGD503 // Wedding // Brief

A traditional and elegant design to the products which conveys the style and feeling of the wedding and setting it is held in. Consistency throughout the products is key to how successful the products will be as a set.

The products will be designed around the colour of the wedding which is royal blue, this will be the accent colour within the products along with silver / grey. A traditional but modern style will be used within the design. The products will be wedding invitations and table menus.

To inform the users about the wedding and the important information about it
To inform the users what the food menu is

Target audience
The couple getting married - early twenties
Family and friends of couple

Wedding invitations - day and night - information inserts
Menus - table food menu

Friday, 14 December 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Samples

For the publication i have sent off for the student pack and some samples from Fedrigoni, so i can use the actual papers within the publication. This will make the publication more like the actual thing and look better when photographed etc.

insert images of samples

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Crit

For the second crit on the this competition brief, we were in the same group as before, so we all knew what each other was doing. We had 10 minutes to explain what we had done from the first time we all met and showed the work we had carried out. After this, the group would leave feedback from the certain questions i wanted feedback from.

1. Are the products suitable for the target audience
2. Do the symbols work in context with the brief or should i revert back to original ones?
3. Is the branding idea working for the project?
4. Is the installation needed?
5. Does the forma of the publication work for the content?

- like the whole idea and the products that will be produced - all work well for the audience and will engage them

- Good interactivity with the products - especially posters

- Use the shapes that have used on the poster - not the symbols - it makes it more geometric and will work well within the publication - also makes the user want to find out what they mean

- Relate the shapes to the category more - instead of being random chosen shapes

- Within the publication cut the pages to the shape that is for that category - triangle - cut angular - square - cut square etc

- Packaging - make it different than just an envelope - tie in with paper craft  - 'unfold me'

- I like how each section of the publication format is relevant to the content - e.g. envelope idea - this will be effective and interactive

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Progress

As part of the crit and for myself i have created a document to show the progress that i have made for this brief. I feel as though i am now over half way through and its time to start making the actual products, so i have put together a small document which is an overview of the work and research that i have taken out so far for the brief.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Mock ups

For the crit yesterday i wanted to have some mock ups of what the products were going to look like, this was also to help me show and explain the idea to the group more. For these mock ups I used bits of stock i had myself, but for the real version it will be done using the Fedrigoni papers. 
In the crit the mock ups were very useful and helped the group see the idea and how the products will look in the final piece. 
Doing these mock ups was also something that i really enjoyed, so i know that doing this brief is going to be something that i will enjoy and hopefully i will make it to a professional standard for the competition.

Publication Mock Up

 Main Poster Mock up

 Category Poster Mock Up

Publication Mock Up

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print and Web // Crit Feedback

We had another progress crit today on the design for print and web brief, this to me seemed not necessary as alot of people didnt actually have that much work done for the crit or anything to crit on.

For my work, i tried to lock down the products and promotion ideas and how it is going to be used within the target audience.
I managed to get a logo and branding done for the project, which i think helped understand the project and what it was about.

- strong logo design
- looks professional on web / screen
- thorough research already - quantitative and qualitative
- thought about it in context and looked at existing products.

- good research
- well laid out / designed
- good health campaign research
- good logo design, very good to see it used across different media.
- good effective products and formats - good for target audience - like idea of linking info graphics

Areas for improvements:
- not sure about the branding on packaging/ unreadable and doesn't relate to logo
the illustrations on my presentation was just a quick mock up to illustrate the logo in across different  media, this isn't the design for the packaging - so not really relevant to the project!

- narrow down 'anyone else' this could be a broad range of people some of whom would not use it.

-What are the products going to be?
I outlined this on the pages that said 'products' - pay attention - newspaper / publication / promotional material / website 

- What will reduce stress levels? - research into this more

- If youre that much of a workaholic how are you going to persuade them to stop and take time out? Has to interest them / catch their eye.
- The idea of food packaging you had, would work well as they will already be on their break so         wont take any extra time of their job.

- Start target audience at 20 - some people start working before 20, some after. Use 20 as your average

OUGD504 // Design for Print and Web // Progress

For the progress crit, i have put together a digital document, which contains all the work i have done so far for this brief.
The idea behind this was because i had alot of bits of paper and information here and there, so i wanted to put it al together in an order for it all to make sense. I haven't included every bit of information i have collected, it is more of a summary, but for the the crit this should be sufficient.
It outline my whole project and where i am at the minute with it.

OUGD504 // Design for Print and Web // Branding

As i have now worked on a logo and sticking with the design i have done for that, i have applied this to some of the products I will be producing . I have done some quick illustrations of these to show how the logo would be applied to the different products.

Publication, which holds information on how to overcome stress

Newspaper, informs the user on the facts and stats of stress and how it can effect you.

Packaging, contains all the products of the campaign.
publication, newspaper, poster, flyer, information to direct to the website.

Mock up of a website design and how the logo would be applied to it.

Monday, 10 December 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print and Web // Name and logo

For the ISTD brief i have chosen to do the 3 minute brief. To suit my take on the brief i want to change the name and create a logo which will run throughout the project on all products.

As the idea behind my brief is using the 3 minutes in context, i wanted to keep this element within the name of the brief.
My brief is working on 3 minutes being a time to relax and take you away from your work, so i came up with the name '3 minute wonder'. This basically is to describe what the project is - a 3 minute wonder because the 3 minutes does wonders for you!
Its hard to explain but i think it works within the context of my brief.

For the logo i initially wanted the imagery of a stopwatch, as its playing on 3 minutes, but when i did this and worked the logo up it really didnt work very well, so i started to play around with just the type to try and see if anything came from it.

First idea which uses the imagery of the stopwatch with the name, i didnt like this as it looks unbalanced and non of it really fits together well.

I tried out the '3' in words instead and even though the all the words are the same length it still looks a mess. 
New layout for the type of the logo

trying to work the stopwatch in with the type, in black its not noticeable and you cant read 'minute wonder'.

reducing the opacity of the stopwatch makes the type more readable, but still has too much going on. 

I experimented with the stopwatch in colour and this does look the best out of them, but im not convinced it is the right way to go.

I decided to try a typographical approach and scrap the idea of imagery within it. Working the 3 in amongst the type works quite well and looks pretty effective. Work needs doing on the 3 and the word spacing to make it all line up and look balanced throughout the type.

Here i have aligned the letters within 'minute' and 'wonder' and fit the 3 in better within the type. The 'w' on wonder didnt fit in well so i copied the 'm' and flipped it, but here you can tell that so that needs work doing, also the 'd' and 'u' in the 3 needs looking at more.

Changing the 'w' and making the middle of the '3' flat with 'u' and 'd' makes it all work together alot better. I have worked on aligning the letters after the 3 also.

 After working on the type and making it work together i then worked on making it more as a logo and working as a brand that can carry across all products.

This last on is my favourite so far, im still unsure about the shape in the background but i think it could work within the project. The shape doesnt always have to be there in every piece so, it should be okay. I have also expanded the 'u' and 'd' in the middle of the 3 to make it touch the sides, this balances out the spacing and works better being inside the 3 now. I feel as this is a good start to the branding and now just need to think of a tag line / slogan to go with it all. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Publication Initial Ideas

As i have stated, within the products there will be a publication which informs the printers about the papers and the key information on them. 
I have started to think how this publication will look and different ideas for the format, size and front cover. I am wanting to keep the paper craft element running through the publication too, so that everything works as a set, this will mainly be used for the front cover, but also in some part throughout the insides of the publication. 

Initial first ideas of size and format

Some developed ideas on the format and size along with trying out different front cover ideas.

More development on the front cover idea - i have previously talked about this in an earlier post, which i was looking at how it would work and the best way to use it within the front cover element.