Friday, 14 December 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Crit

For the second crit on the this competition brief, we were in the same group as before, so we all knew what each other was doing. We had 10 minutes to explain what we had done from the first time we all met and showed the work we had carried out. After this, the group would leave feedback from the certain questions i wanted feedback from.

1. Are the products suitable for the target audience
2. Do the symbols work in context with the brief or should i revert back to original ones?
3. Is the branding idea working for the project?
4. Is the installation needed?
5. Does the forma of the publication work for the content?

- like the whole idea and the products that will be produced - all work well for the audience and will engage them

- Good interactivity with the products - especially posters

- Use the shapes that have used on the poster - not the symbols - it makes it more geometric and will work well within the publication - also makes the user want to find out what they mean

- Relate the shapes to the category more - instead of being random chosen shapes

- Within the publication cut the pages to the shape that is for that category - triangle - cut angular - square - cut square etc

- Packaging - make it different than just an envelope - tie in with paper craft  - 'unfold me'

- I like how each section of the publication format is relevant to the content - e.g. envelope idea - this will be effective and interactive

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