Monday, 3 December 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Concept Crit

After the initial workshop we had on the competition brief where we chose the brief we wanted to do, we had to go away and come back with a concept and idea for the brief.
This included a rewritten brief and concept boards to present our idea.
To start with we had a chance to present and talk through our idea for the brief and get initial questions and general feedback from the rest of the group, after this we had a written crit, which had which we had to grade the concept and work presented on:
- clarity of concept
- breadth of ideas
- appropriateness of response
- contextual awareness
- analysis / understanding of audience
- level of innovative / originality
- quality / clarity of presentation

- areas of improvements
- additional comments.

Within the group we could get 2 written forms of feedback.

Feedback 1
clarity of concept - 4
breadth of ideas - 3
appropriateness of response - 4
contextual awareness - 4
analysis / understanding of audience - 3
level of innovation / originality - 3
quality / clarity of presentation - 5

Areas of improvements
- show design ideas visually
- experiment more through mock ups etc
- further your research into what printers would really want and in what contexts they are interested in.
- look at other ways to use the stock besides pop up
- develop web based media more

Additional comments
- The idea for your publication you discussed is appropriate for your audience and interactive elements of displaying stock make it more engaging - they wouldnt want to throw away which is what you want.
- presented clearly and structured.

Feedback 2

clarity of concept - 4
breadth of ideas - 3
appropriateness of response - 3
contextual awareness - 3
analysis / understanding of audience - 4
level of innovation / originality - 3
quality / clarity of presentation - 4

Areas of improvements
- explore a range of design ideas, experiments and become perfect at paper craft to have a well executed finished product
- consider stocks

Additional comments
- paper craft and pop up is a great idea for Fedrigoni paper, its interactive and relevant
- pop up elements will seem appealing to users - 3D visuals good
- idea of design will be very time consuming, a lot of preparation, but the final result will be good.

From this feedback we then had to fill in a action plan, which we would follow and complete for the next session in 2 weeks time.

Action Plan
- experiment with paper folding - research into mechanisms
- back up idea, if paper folding doesn't work
- experiment with colour - look at stock and which works best together
- mock up of publications - try out pop ups / paper craft elements
- research into printers
- research into web and how it was cross both platforms

Design ideas
- separate books - one book which contains all specification and information about each range etc, then books on the ranges, which just showcases them.
- info pack - envelope folded in different way / something different - so looks appealing and something that you would want to open. - RESEARCH ENVELOPES


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