Wednesday, 5 December 2012

OUGD504 // Design for print & web // Development of Concept

From the crit this morning, i have had some good feedback and ideas to develop my concept and make it more understandable and easier to work with the audience.

Campaign to run with NHS / health charities
- looking at stress at work // doing too much work // not enough time off work throughout the day
- time out is needed - 3 minutes - what can do in these

- promote over different products - link in with audience - product placement

- different packs / information for different types of people - learning ways
- types of people - commuters // office workers
- ways of learning - visual // read-write // kinaesthetic

- main information guide - effects - how solve
- individual packs - what can do to overcome - dependant on the types of people

To inform and encourage the user that personal downtime and regular breaks at work is a neccesity for a balanced lifestyle and mental mindset.

- To encourage the audience to take breaks and have downtime.
- To prove that taking time out is beneficial to them.
- To appeal to the audience by thorough research into how they are engaged and the consumables that they aquire.

The Idea

I am going to produce a range of products and promotional material that encourages the user to take more regular breaks throughout the day to give them a break from their work and everyday life. Taking a break doesn’t have to be a long amount of time, as the working professionals don’t have much time, I am working on a 3 minute break.  The idea behind this is to reduce stress which is common within working professionals

The products will inform the user of the effects of stress and ways in which they can reduce it. As everybody is different and likes different things, I will tailor certain products to different types of people.

These products and promotion would be run as a campaign which I will propose to be done in partnership with the NHS. This means that it would be free to the audience, but also available to anyone else too. The campaign packs would be sent to businesses and dispersed through the managers.

The Products
Newspaper -
Displaying the facts and stats of stress and how they can affect you

Publication -
Small hand held booklets with all the things that you can do to overcome stress. The publications will be split into different categories a total of 4. This is to produce different content for different types of people. They will be hole punched and come clipped with a landyard, this again is to appeal to the target audience, so they can carry it with them all the time.

Website -
Website for the campaign. This explains the whole concept and idea behind the campaign. More information on stress etc and what can do.

Campaign -
A2 poster

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