Wednesday, 5 December 2012

OUGD504 // Design for print & web // Deciding the brief

For this new brief we had to choose 3 of the ISTD briefs which we would want to do.
I choose:

From these i choose the 3 minutes one. But when it came to the workshop i initially chose the on yer bike because it was easier to do within the workshop and what it was asking us to do.

5 problems to solve:
- get more people to cycle
- reduce traffic on roads
- create a new way to experience the city
- what type of media to use?
- promote healthier exercise/ travel

5 reasons to solve them:
- healthy travel
- traffic is main problem within city, causes pollution
- new innovative ways to see the city
- which media works best for the outcome
- nowadays many people rely on transport and dont do enough exercise

5 ideas to communicate:
- cycling is healthy option
- good for environment
- interesting and exciting way to see the city
- how to travel round city
- what to see within the city

5 facts about subject:
- cycling reduces pollution within city
- cycling provides issues with map reading
- cycle lanes provides designated ways through city
- already set signs for national things
- cheaper than taxi
- unlimited mileage
- healthy option

5 thing I dont know about:
- what media works best for outcome
- dont kniw locka knowledge/maps
- how easy/hard it it to travel on bike round city
- how popular riding a bike is
- cultural events/landmarks of city

5 things about the audience
- tourists
- cyclists
- residents
- sports enthusiasts

After doing this within the workshop i decided that this wasnt the brief that i wanted to do and it made it clear that i wasnt that interested in it, so i chose to go back to my original brief, which i had come up with an idea throughout the session, so answering the questions should hopefully be easier.

FINAL BRIEF -3 minutes

5 problems:
- Convince audience that they need to take a break
- Find out what consumables are connected with the audience
- inform/provide the right content for the audience to engage with
- Produce the right product for the content and so it is actually used
- Appeal to the right people
- see if it is an actual problem

5 reasons why:
- British people are known for not taking advice and admitting they need something for themselves - find a way to convey this so they take notice
- need to know what products/ consumables the audience buy to put the product in the right context
- include the right information and something useful to the audience - not everyone likes the same things
- selecting the right medium for the product and knowing it will work for the audience
- having the right aesthetics and language to engage with the users

5 ways to solve problems:
- research into audience and get a better knowledge of them - primary and secondary
- look at products that already appeal to them and aesthetics of these
- research into distribution
- see if it is an actual problem
- use assertive language to convince them
- statistics

5 things about the audience:
- busy professionals
- city workers
- commuters
- high level stress jobs
- office workers
- people on the go
- busy schedule
- make no time for themselves
- east/drink on the go

5 ways of distribution:
- in the office
- coffee cups
- takeaway foods - high end cafes - sandwiches packaging etc
- posters to promote - in office // transportation // billboard
- general reading - coffee shops // dentist // doctors // bakeries // cafes

5 formats / outcomes:
- newspaper
- hand held publication
- separate cards - packs
- flip book
- concertina book 

- interactive website - puzzles to enter // news feeds // instructions to excersies etc // videos
- app - broken down into different sections

- promotional posters - A4/A3 - in office // billboard
- coffee cups
- takeaway foods - high end

Range of products to spread the idea and get it across:
- print deliverables - publication - posted direct to office
- web application / site - offers same as publication but more interactive / include more things to entertain them
- Expanding brief - ways to engage the audience - promotional posters // coffee cups // takeaway packaging // consumables associated with audience

- relaxation
- de-stress
- take mind off work - switch off
- general tips - within work

- puzzles
- games
- short stories
- relaxation tips
- stretches
- de stress techniques
- things to do in home
- general tips - whilst on go // quick ideas //
- news

The content needs to suit different types of people because everyone isn't the same. Look at different types of learners and see what can produce for the different types:
- visual
- kinesthetic
- read / write  

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