Monday, 10 December 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print and Web // Name and logo

For the ISTD brief i have chosen to do the 3 minute brief. To suit my take on the brief i want to change the name and create a logo which will run throughout the project on all products.

As the idea behind my brief is using the 3 minutes in context, i wanted to keep this element within the name of the brief.
My brief is working on 3 minutes being a time to relax and take you away from your work, so i came up with the name '3 minute wonder'. This basically is to describe what the project is - a 3 minute wonder because the 3 minutes does wonders for you!
Its hard to explain but i think it works within the context of my brief.

For the logo i initially wanted the imagery of a stopwatch, as its playing on 3 minutes, but when i did this and worked the logo up it really didnt work very well, so i started to play around with just the type to try and see if anything came from it.

First idea which uses the imagery of the stopwatch with the name, i didnt like this as it looks unbalanced and non of it really fits together well.

I tried out the '3' in words instead and even though the all the words are the same length it still looks a mess. 
New layout for the type of the logo

trying to work the stopwatch in with the type, in black its not noticeable and you cant read 'minute wonder'.

reducing the opacity of the stopwatch makes the type more readable, but still has too much going on. 

I experimented with the stopwatch in colour and this does look the best out of them, but im not convinced it is the right way to go.

I decided to try a typographical approach and scrap the idea of imagery within it. Working the 3 in amongst the type works quite well and looks pretty effective. Work needs doing on the 3 and the word spacing to make it all line up and look balanced throughout the type.

Here i have aligned the letters within 'minute' and 'wonder' and fit the 3 in better within the type. The 'w' on wonder didnt fit in well so i copied the 'm' and flipped it, but here you can tell that so that needs work doing, also the 'd' and 'u' in the 3 needs looking at more.

Changing the 'w' and making the middle of the '3' flat with 'u' and 'd' makes it all work together alot better. I have worked on aligning the letters after the 3 also.

 After working on the type and making it work together i then worked on making it more as a logo and working as a brand that can carry across all products.

This last on is my favourite so far, im still unsure about the shape in the background but i think it could work within the project. The shape doesnt always have to be there in every piece so, it should be okay. I have also expanded the 'u' and 'd' in the middle of the 3 to make it touch the sides, this balances out the spacing and works better being inside the 3 now. I feel as this is a good start to the branding and now just need to think of a tag line / slogan to go with it all. 

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