Thursday, 6 December 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Change of Idea

As i have been doing more on this competition brief and looking more into pop up and paper craft, i have realised that the original idea i had wasn't going to work for it.
I think i was too stuck on the idea of the pop up and when it came down to designing and thinking how to use the pop up within each publication, i didn't really have a purpose for it. Also i think it is more towards to child books, which isn't what i am going for, so i think it would have brought the standard of work down.
With that design idea it wasn't really showing the adaptability of the papers either, it was basically going to be a large stock swatch with some pop ups within it, I don't think that would be in contention for winning the brief really, so that idea goes in the bin.

With this new idea i have still kept the paper craft element, as i think this will work well with the stocks, but instead of doing publications i am going to do A2 posters.
The posters will showcase the main categories that the Fedrigoni Papers are broken down into - thus showing the adaptability of the papers. Within the posters it will show which papers are good for that category and name them.
I will then produce a publication in line with the posters that is broken down into the categories, this will list the paper ranges that come under that category and have key information and specs of the paper.

I feel that this idea is a much stronger way of producing the same thing as before. It will promote and inform printers of the different ranges available and what they are good for. It is also a creative idea and something that i haven't seen been done in the past for the Fedrigoni previous entries.

The four categories:
- Self adhesive
- Packaging
- Publishing
- Business
There are other categories which the papers can come under but these are the main four and have the majority of the paper ranges within all four of them, so i felt that these were the best to do. Also it shows a wide range that the papers can be used for.

- Publication - This publication will inform about the different Fedrigoni paper ranges and what categories they come under. The publication will be split down to the 4 categories which will have an example of each stock which comes in that category. The publication will be shown as a stock swatch book with information on each stock in it. The pages will be cut angular, so the colours and textures interact with each other, showing that they can be used together also.

- Posters:
5 posters in total.
- Main poster - this displays the 4 categories that Fedrigoni offer.

- Self Adhesive - poster the promotes the self adhesive ranges - interactive within the poster

- Packaging - poster that promotes the packaging ranges - I am not going to be able to show actual packaging on the posters, so i am going to use 3D objects and make the poster 3D, this will resemble packaging and show that the packaging paper can be used to make all different kinds of 3D objects.

- Publishing - promote the publishing ranges - the poster will somehow link back to publishing and use the papers within it

- Business - promote the business ranges - these ranges are what are typically used for envelopes and stationery within a business environment, so the poster will play on this element.

- Installation:
For the promotion of the pack i want to create an installation, this will use the Fedrigoni papers within it and use the idea that the papers are adaptable and can be used for more than just printing.

The publication will definatly be packaged and able to send in the mail. The posters i am going to try and design them so they can either be folded or packaged in some way so they can be posted too - the only issue with this is that the 3D poster isn't going to be able to be folded?

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