Thursday, 6 December 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Design Sheets

With the concept under going and the idea there in my mind, i started to get my ideas down on paper. Using the design sheets helped me develop the the idea further and make it into something that was more than what i first started out thinking of doing. 

Branding idea






Branding - using the shapes as iconography. 

These next images were first initial sketches, these were just rough ideas that i wanted to get down so i could explore the way in which i wanted to take this brief. 

These images show my ideas of looking into the idea of the branding and how the format of the publication could work, along with looking at aesthetics for the publication and how to incorporate the paper craft to the publication. 

My ideas that have been shown here are all rough ideas and sketches which i have developed from looking at the research i have done on both paper craft and editorial. Using the inspiration from this research and made me be able to combine the two aspects together to make an interactive and interesting publication using the stock as the main feature. 

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