Wednesday, 5 December 2012

OUGD504 // Design for print & web // Concept crit

In the concept crit today it was split down into 2 different sections.
To start off with we passed our re-written briefs around the group and was initially critted on what we were proposing to do through the brief.

- Covered a lot of areas in the brief and get a good overview of what it is you want to achieve
- Does research show that three minutes is all you need to relax? How do you know this?
- What methods of persuasion will you use to encourage workers?
- Will it be put to the company
- Test to see if it works?
- Outcomes could be really interesting.

- If the audience are so busy and have no time to stop and think, where will they find time to read about ways they can de-stress? Its abit like taking time off to learn how to take time off.

The points raised initially from reading my brief are very useful and show areas that i need to go and research into further.
The last point is the main thing which i need to look at and address because i didn't think about this and it could be a problem. The promotion needs to make them stop and take time out.

After this first crit we presented our idea to the group and then got more feedback on the concept and presentation.

- good concept
- clear target audience- think about age range
- good idea of where the products can lead to
- clear concept

- Could it be something for them to do at home instead to stop them from bringing the work place into the home?
- Consider breaks that people get at work already.

- Already strong idea of print and web concept
- Target busy workers but if they are always so busy, how will you inform them of this concept?
- De-stressing techniques - good idea
- Commuters - will it relate to things they can do on bus/train?

- knows why the audience needs it and why you want to do it
- Already got some suggested ideas
- Thought about promotion and advertising

- Good idea, something that hasn't been done before
- A creative take on the brief
- Clearly thought out and tailored exactly to target audience
- Format is considered, contextual understanding
- one consideration - could it be in partnership with a health charity / NHS about de-stressing
- would they have to pay for it?

Main points and things to take away:
- Think how can engage the audience to read the products if they are so busy
- In partnership with health charity or NHS
- Cost of it - free or pay for
- Be something for them do at home instead of at work - encourage not taking work home with you.
- Tailor to different types of people - commuters, office workers - different things people like - vary content.

After the crit and collecting our feedback from each other, we moved onto doing more lists of 5 things. These were to see if the crit had helped get rid of some ideas and the brief should now be more clear.

5 problems:
- Convince busy professionals that breaks throughout the day are needed
- Getting the audience to actually engage with the idea
- How to use the content of relaxation and de-stress in a effective way
- Product placement to get the audience known about the idea
- To prove that time out is beneficial to the audience

5 reasons why need to solve:
- Stress etc can cause an imbalanced lifestyle and could lead to being ill - need to stop it - bad for you
- As audience is so busy need to find a way to engage and actually get them to use the information
- Getting the content right for the audience and things that are useful is essential to how succesfful this would be
- Knowing where to place the products / promotion to get people involved - how to integrate into target audience lifestyle
- Proving that it is actually bad and showing the consequences, will hopefully make them more aware and want to take part.

5 things I dont know about content:
- Will people have time to use it - make this happen within products
- Ideas on relaxation and stress - how to overcome
- Types of aesthetics and language need to use
- Where to place the products? - free / campaign within NHS // sent to businesses
- Be more useful at work or home?
- To de-stress at work or encourage not to take work home - purpose / integrate two ideas together
- How to use the content - what content is? - information about // how to overcome - things to over come by

5 ways the audience will interact / come into contact with:
- In the office - distributed to the company
- See in streets / transportation / bill boards - advertisements
- NHS - doctors - campaign run with them
- Coffee shops - where audience go
- Retail / food shops / cafe's
- Magazines / Newspapers
- Online website
- NHS website
- Social Media
- Health websites

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