Monday, 30 April 2012

Its your choice//Designs

For the second half of the publication i am creating designs using colour and blending modes on coloured backgrounds to experiment with the colour and show colour experimentations.
Initial design: I have taken these designs from my design sheets and digitalised them, these are just the start of the designs in which i will add colour to them from here.

Designs: From the initial designs above i have added colour to them, and using different blending modes and fills i have shown that you can experiment with colour digitally. These designs are based upon the 7 kittens contrasts too

These are the designs i have produced for the design section of my publication. I am pretty pleased with the outcomes of these. I did find it quite hard to come up with the amount i needed that were different from each other, but basing them on the contrasts did help me produce them all. I haven't really done pattern design, like this before, so this was something new to me, which i did enjoy but its not something that i am overly fond of.

These last two spreads of the book are showing type in CMYK mode and what happens when you overlap them. The very last spread introduces colour to the background which in turns effects the type and the outcome of the type on the page.

The 7 contrasts

These here are just the illustrations of the contrasts, a way to try and make the contrasts easier to understand.

These are the final layouts of the informative pages at the beginning of the book, these go through each of the 7 contrasts, explaining what each one is. To start with there is statement on what the contrast means, this is then explained more next to it, which hopefully makes the understanding of the contrast easy. After there is the illustration of this.
The idea of the page layout is that all the information is in a linear line. Starting from the fact of the statement which is the true meaning of the contrast, then moves on to a more detailed explanation, which is more wordy and easier to understand, then the illustration at the end. 
I know that most people will be attracted straight to the illustrations which i have tried to make easy to understand, but then there is information to back this up.
I do really like the end layout of these pages, i think that they work well with the style of the book and is something different to what i normally do.

Its your choice//Design and layout of publication

For this publication i am going to separate it into two, the first half is going to explain the 7 contrasts and then the second half will be designs that experiment with colour.
The second half pages will be split into the main colours of the colour wheel, which will form the basis of the cooer experimenting. The designs for this will be basic pattern designs, i want to keep them pretty simple so that colour is the main thing shown and seen on the page.

Colour basis for the design half of the publication:

This is the background colours for the design section of the publication as you can see it is working through the colour spectrum, this is keeping everything tied in with the idea of colour experimenting. I might find different stock in these colours or just use the same stock and print the background colour on to it. 

The first half of the book is explaining the 7 contrast for this i am going to need a layout for the pages to follow, i want this to be quite a strict, well structured layout, that is simple but puts all the information in order and easy to read. As the booklet is only A5 i will be limited with the amount of text i can use along with the illustration, so it will be brief and straight to the point in the body text. These pages will contrast the design section as they will be more colourful and more fun to look at i suppose! but i think the contrast should work between them and give the publication an added effect to it. 

From this i am going to start doing the designs for these pages, i will look into pattern designs to get some inspiration to start with.