Tuesday, 24 April 2012

OUGD406//Its your choice

Before easter we were given this brief and over easter we were to look at this in more detail and decide in what we wanted to do.

Select a brief, task, response or product that you have completed as part of the programme and improve on it. What will choose & why? How will you improve it and for what reason?

Review all the work, tasks and workshops that you have been involved in since september and identify an opportunity to revisit something that you wish you had more time to complete, could change the decisions that you made or should have researched / developed more thoroughly. You can only select from briefs that you have completed and not those that are currently under development.

Background / Considerations

What we are asking you to do is simple - that doesn't make it easy.

This brief is offering you the benefit of Hind-sight, a second chance or another attempt. It is a lifeline to revisit and rescue a good idea from a lack of time, a bad decision in an otherwise promising body of work or an opportunity to take an concept / idea / or product further. How will you make the most of this opportunity.

We are not asking you to just re do a brief. Whatever you choose should act as starting point that offers you the chance to develop a substantial exploration of an problem, idea, concept, process. Can you extend your initial ideas into a range of products, a deeper investigation of context / function / format or review your response to a group project.

Mandatory Requirements
You will need to complete a Rationale (see additional handout) outlining why you have chosen your specific content and what you intend to do
with it.

You will need to evidence the development of your idea from the start of this brief onwards and cannot submit work that has already been assessed or produced in response to another brief/module. Work presented for this brief should demonstrate a significant development on from your previous work.

All work should be evidenced through your design practice and design context blog and labelled OUGD406 Brief 4

You should submit products, presentation boards and blog posts relevant to your choice of brief.

To start off with i wrote down some of the briefs that i would want to revisit and what i would do with these briefs to extend and revisit them. 
The two i was looking at were Stamp it and Proverb mail shot.

For the Stamp it brief i want to extend this by taken the work i have done and making it into a full campaign, trying to persuade the general public to drive differently to make a difference in the amount of fuel they use. 
The proverb mail shot brief was a good brief that i enjoyed doing but there was parts of it that held me back and the final outcome i produced i wasn't happy with. So i want to make slight changes to this to make my mail shot make more sense, i will still keep the same proverb of 'nobody is perfect'.

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