Thursday, 19 April 2012

Colour Investigation

Aswell as doing the pantone investigation, i decided to try it out digitally using type. I thought of overlaying type on top of each other in C M & Y and then using the blending modes to make all the colours blend together to create more colours within the letterform. Where the three colours overlapped this would create K.

From this i then wanted to experiment more with the background as i was just doing the above on white. If i used the same colours C, M & Y and the blending modes again on the background it would change the type yet again.

To start with i just changed the background to a full block colour of each C M Y and you can se that the results of this takes away the background colour in the type but has the same effect on the rest of the type when it was there in the type. There is still K created where the two other colours overlap in the type.

Then i decided to use more than one colour in the background and overlap them. As you see where the two background colours overlap it makes the type go black because all three colours are overlapping each other within the full letterform.
On the last one using all three colours in the background shows the results of each individual one above together in one image, except where the three background colours have overlapped to create K the type has disappeared. 

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