Saturday, 7 April 2012

Life Lessons//Front cover experimentation

From the initial ideas that i drew up, i started to experiment more with the designs to get them into the same style of the publication, and to make them have more of a design, than just the type on the front.

I took the first initial design i started with before and added more to it, to make it have more a design, adding the cyan into the design, brings in that element of the symbolism and brings the cover to life. 

From that i started to use the idea of the two triangles - to represent the two 'L' in 'life lessons' and made them into a design for the front cover.

Again further experimentation from the original design of just the type at the bottom of the page, with these i have taken the idea of the two triangles, but instead of just having them next to each other i have tried to make them into more of a design for the front cover. 
Ouf of these my favourites are the first one, third and fourth and the last one.

From the original one of this design i have added the triangles again into the background, using a lighter cyan colour, so that the type can still be legible on the page. The idea of the triangles on this one is to symbolise the 'L' but it also makes a arrow head, which is to show that you using this book you can move your life in the right direction. I do like this design and feel that meaning behind it all is more in keeping with the message of the publication, but i think its too different from the rest of the publication and maybe too much away from the style of it.

This design was one of the others that i originally did and i have added the triangles to this, but i still don't like the design of this, its not really engaging me to look at it more, maybe i could use the other triangle designs into this.

From all of the experimentations i have done for these i have decided that i like the first ones the best, with the idea of the type at the bottom and the triangles within the design. From them i have chosen my favourite ones out of them all and now need to decide on which one to use.

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