Monday, 23 April 2012

Life Lessons//Protective Cover

As i was sorting out all my work for the module submission tomorrow i didn't want my publication to get ruined, so to start with i put it inside a plastic wallet, but then i thought why not make my own by using card.
I found some pretty thick card to use but when i started to score and fold it it was cracking really bad and looked a mess. So i came up with the idea of doing lots of scores in the fold then bending each one to make a smooth curved corner - bait like corrugated card.

Testing out the folding technique i want to use, to make the corner curved and so that the card doesn't split so much

From the test i did you can see it curves to the top of the publication, so i need to make the corner bigger to enable me to curve it around the publication edge.

The new tester, this time it is twice the size of the original and should fit around the publication

As you can it now fits around the publication, but it is a little too big, so i will reduce it to make it a tighter fit.

The Protective cover nearly finished. I was originally going to make a full wrap for it, but by doing the corners like this there would be no way in which i could add a flap to stick the edges together, so instead i am going to make it like a folder cover and keep it closed with an elastic band. This isn't really to add anything to the publication or the final design, purely as a protection to the publication so it doesn't get ruined.

After i scored the corner and made it a nice smooth curve i cut out a rectangle of the front so that the title of the publication can be seen through it. 

Publication inside that protective cover and as you can see the title and block colour come through to the front of the protective cover. I used an elastic band to keep it closed and hold the publication inside. 

Protective cover opened with publication inside.

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