Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wedding Invitations

My sister and her fiancé are getting married next year and have asked me to design the wedding invitations and food menu for them.
As i had some free time i thought id get the invitations done and test print one this week in uni.
The invitations include a day invitation and a night invitations, the day one is more elaborate within the design and the night one is within the same style but simpler.
My sister had her ideas for what she wanted the invitations to be like, as in the shape and style of the invitations, i took control of the type and the actual design of it. I treat this like a actual job, she was my client.
The colour scheme was either teal or pink, so i did versions of both.

Day invitation - Front - pink

Day invitation - Back - pink

Day invitation - front - teal

Day invitation - back - teal

These are only first draft of the invitations, but so far they are happy with the design, no doubt slight changes will probably be made during time and when i keep looking back over them I'm sure i will see ways in which i can improve the design more.
As a first initial design though i am happy with the outcome and feel this is a good starting point for me to work from.

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