Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Life Lessons//Front Cover Design

For the front cover of the publication i want to keep it like the style of the whole publication, the cover needs to be minimal and keeping the same style of the insides of the publication.

To start with i drew some out some ideas i had then worked them up to digital versions

For the designs i started by just experimenting with different styles within the same area of the cover. Out of these designs i like the 1st one and the fourth one. The first one is my favourite as it is the one that looks the most like the rest of the magazines, but this could also make it look boring as it would all be the same, so maybe experimenting with this would make it better.
The fourth one is another one of my favourite out of them all, this is different from the rest of the publication, but still in keeping as it is using the same font and style as the inside of the publication, I'm not 100% sure on this though, i will keep trying different variations to see which one i like the most at the end of it. 
Within the collection of the the designs i have used the triangles within the front cover, this is the symbolise the two 'L' in 'life lessons', the whole idea of this is to give the front cover design something extra, so that its not just type, using the cyan colour symbolises calm, as the whole publication is about motivation etc i thought using this symbolism within it would be a good idea.

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