Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Its your choice//Ideas

After looking back at the briefs yesterday i had decided that i was going to look at either the 'Stamp it' or Proverb mail shot brief.
After thinking more about these i think the proverb mail shot is a no go because i have spent some hours trying to make sense of my proverb and link it into a mail shot and it just isn't happening, so i have decided against that one and leaving it how it is.
The Stamp it brief is still there though, i think i can expand upon this and look into making a campaign, for this i would:
- design promotional material
        - billboard/flyers/posters/stickers/mailshot?
- use the existing research for the base of the campaign
- re design the stamps into designs that work for the campaign

The only thing that is stopping me with this is that its quite a lot of work to do in 2 weeks along with the other 2 briefs going on, as i can't forgot about them because they are in need of working doing too.

The other idea i came up with today was looking at colour investigation, after doing the pantone task and taking all the photos of the contrasts i have become more and more interested in the use of colour and investigating into how it can be used. I like the idea of experimenting with it digitally by using different stock, colours, textures and thinking of some clever ways to show the things you can do with colour.
If i was to do this i would want to produce a small publication showing this. I just need to check if i can use this task because it says a task/brief can't be used if under development in the brief, so hopefully because we have handed in that module i can use it.

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