Monday, 30 April 2012

Its your choice//Design and layout of publication

For this publication i am going to separate it into two, the first half is going to explain the 7 contrasts and then the second half will be designs that experiment with colour.
The second half pages will be split into the main colours of the colour wheel, which will form the basis of the cooer experimenting. The designs for this will be basic pattern designs, i want to keep them pretty simple so that colour is the main thing shown and seen on the page.

Colour basis for the design half of the publication:

This is the background colours for the design section of the publication as you can see it is working through the colour spectrum, this is keeping everything tied in with the idea of colour experimenting. I might find different stock in these colours or just use the same stock and print the background colour on to it. 

The first half of the book is explaining the 7 contrast for this i am going to need a layout for the pages to follow, i want this to be quite a strict, well structured layout, that is simple but puts all the information in order and easy to read. As the booklet is only A5 i will be limited with the amount of text i can use along with the illustration, so it will be brief and straight to the point in the body text. These pages will contrast the design section as they will be more colourful and more fun to look at i suppose! but i think the contrast should work between them and give the publication an added effect to it. 

From this i am going to start doing the designs for these pages, i will look into pattern designs to get some inspiration to start with.

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