Friday, 13 April 2012

Zombie Type//OUGD404

From the first task we did at the beginning of the module on type and the make up of type. We called this zombie type as you are using more than one typeface to create one letterform. To start with we did this task as a physical exercise in which we cut up letterforms to create the new letter and then scanned these in to digitalise them.
Now i have revisited the task but done it on a digital format.
I am going to try out variations between letterforms and do a couple of letters of the alphabet for each.

Here i have used times new roman and arial to experiment with.
The two typefaces times new roman and arial
I layered the two letters over the top of each other and lowered the opacity of one of the layers so i could see which parts of the letters overlapped etc to see which areas to delete to create the new letter.

Which in turn created the new letterform. This doesn't really work as a letter or look right, but for experimental purposes it does show how merging two letterforms can create something else.

The two letter forms.
Overlapping the letterforms to see which areas can be deleted/worked with to create the new letter.
The finished letterform.

Again i repeated the process to create more letterforms on a similar basis.

All six letters together to show the common features within them all.

Mixing Cambria and CassandraTwo together created this typeface:

On this next one i decided to experiment with colour within a letter from to create one letter form - this also links in with colour investigation.

The last typefaces that i experimented with were futura and lucida calligraphy. I chose these two because they did contrast each other and they were both the same letterforms in lower case, which i wanted to try experiment with. For the majority of the letter forms the lucida calligraphy formed the stems and futura were the the round bowls of the letterform. Mixing these two together i thought worked really well and could be transformed into a proper typeface.
Overlaying the two typefaces to line up which section of each letter to use to create the new letterform
'D' - Futura Calligraphy

lining up the letterforms and making them the same size.

overlapping the two letterforms and lining them up to create the new letterform
'e' - Futura Calligraphy.

Letterforms all lined up, as a typeface together i think this looks great as a typeface and works really well.

Futura Calligraphy.

I like the look of this typeface and think it works together well, so i am going to carry on developing this into a full typeface.

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