Monday, 2 April 2012

Life lessons//screenprinting

Aswell as producing the publication i decided to screen print some of the design too because i have just had my induction and thought it would be a good way to try it out and get used to doing it more. I have printed one of the designs last week:

Follow your dreams - This was the first screen print i had done outside of the workshop, to start with it didn't go too well, i found it hard to get the full print to print at one time, so i moved onto using the arm on the screen printing bed, this made it a hell of a lot easier for me to print them, from there onwards it all went well.
The design is printed onto antique white. Being cyan and black 2 colour print.

Two heads are better than one - as i was doing this print, i did plan on doing the two colour print, but when i printed the second layer on its own i really loved this as a design on its own, so i decided to do both two colour and one colour prints of these.

This is the one colour print, which is in a deep turquoise blue. The print worked really well on this, again printed onto antique white. For this i used the arm on the screen beds, which i found really good and made the prints come out better for me personally.

This is the two colour print, when i had printed the banner colour, i realised that i had done it quite a rich blue, a lot darker than i wanted, so the second colour had to be darker again for them to work together, i still don't think the two colours work 100% together but i still like the designs. Another hard bit to this was lining the second colour onto the banner, so that they match up together, i don't think i got this right on any of the designs, but when i looked at them after i like the way its offset, so it worked out good in the end.

Backtracking is the best way forward - the original colours i had done digital for this design were too dark for me to screen print together, as i had a dark red and black on the digital version, but the black arrows were on a blending mode, so it worked a lot better together on the digital, than what it would be like screen printed, so i have used a lighter red. The outcome is still good and works well together.

This version was printed onto white card, the colours have come out different from the one below, its a lighter red, but this was the best print i got from them all.

This version was printed onto antique white card, this is my favourite out of the two, the colour of the stock slightly darkens the whole print and i like it this way. Also on this stock i seemed to get more imperfections within the design, particularly on the arrows, but i love the effect this has left on the design. 

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