Thursday, 19 April 2012

Life Lessons//Final publication

After testing out the binding technique i felt confident enough to do my final publication now.
To start with i had to cut all the print outs in half to A4, the actual size of the publication.
Then i just followed the binding technique i had previously done on the other ones. This time i made sure the holes i made were bigger and when threading the thread through i did it at sections at a time, when it came to the point of me not being able to thread it by sections i used some plyers to pull the needle through, this just made it easier for me and made the outside of the publication look neater.

The finished bound publication:

I am really happy with the outcome of my publication. When i was designing it i didn't think it was that good or going to look that good when printed because there wasn't much to it. But now it is printed and all bound together i think it looks pretty dam good, the minimalistic design to the pages works really well together and because of the way it is bound together it makes it look professional and clean. 
I am glad that i decided to go for the pearl grey stock for the front cover, i think the colours have come out nicer on this colour stock and it varies the publication having a different colour front cover. 
As a set with the posters and screen prints i think this brief has turned out really well and i have enjoyed it a lot, especially the screen printing and book binding!

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