Monday, 16 April 2012

Life Lessons// Front cover design mock ups

From the front cover designs that i have done for the publication i have chosen the four which i like the most/which work the best for the publication and then printed them at half scale to see what they would look like as the actual front cover.

Originally i liked the 2nd and third design the best, but when printed out i don't think the same anymore. The 2nd one doesn't have enough impact on it when you look at it, you can't see the 'a collection of motivational quotes' either and i don't like that the design goes right to the bottom darker strip. The 3rd design is too plain, with just the blue strip on the bottom it looks bare and like it needs something in the space.

My favourite ones are the first and last designs. The last one i like the most as its very bright and uplifting, so very in keeping with the idea of the publication, it also includes the blue strip at the bottom which i like a lot, the only thing I'm not sure on is the use of the triangles in the design, I'm sure if this gives the publication a different meaning to what it actually is. 
The first design i like also. This is quite plain but good use of type within it. I like that the 'collection.....' bit in the middle splits the title in half and gives the design an extra element to it. I do like this design but i don't know if its too plain! 
It is going to be between the first and last one, i think i may ask some peoples opinions on them both and see what reaction i get from it. That should help me decide which to use.

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