Thursday, 19 April 2012

Zombie type//Typefaces

I quickly created this typeface by using 2 lines. A 3pt line and 8pt line. I did this as an experiment to see how simple you can actually go with a typeface, this is pretty simple at best, but i reckon i could still go more simple.

In doing this i am trying to show that legibility of a letterform in full isn't needed, you can still recognise a letterform even if only parts of it are there.
So in relation to this task i am experimenting with taking away the parts of the letter that make up the letterform, but still creating a typeface from this.

Carrying on from the previous post of combining two typefaces together to create one, i used futura and lucida calligraphy which i thought mixed together really well and could be a typeface on its own. For this i decided to use the lucida calligraphy as the stem for the majority of the letters and futura for the round bowls of the letters. For this i have created the whole typeface which when together i think it does work really well together and pretty pleased with how it has come out.

Futura Calligraphy.

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