Thursday, 6 December 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // 'This is...' Branding

For this project I wanted to have a 'branding' or tag line which could be used across all the products to keep them as a set and all tie together. I didnt want to use the standard Fedrigoni things within it as this doesnt really give it its own personality. I will obviously use the fedrigoni logo within the work, but i wanted to give a name.
When i thinking this in my head, every time i thought of a different product to be within the range i said to myself 'this is for .....' when i realised that, i thought why not use that within the actual work.
So i have done, except lost 'for' and it is now 'This is.....'.
It works really well across all the products and clearly states what it is to the audience.
The only problem i had with it was when i was applying it to the different products it didnt look balanced on the work because it either had to spread over three lines or the words looked too alike.

Is                            - The spacing between this and fedrigoni looks big because 'is' is only a small word

This is
Fedrigoni              - Having 'this' and 'is' next to each other on the same line looks confusing because                                                      -                              they both have 'is' within them and it looks unbalanced.

To amend this issue and design it in a better way i have come up with the idea of using 'This' to both say 'this' and 'is' in the same word, by doing basic changes and you the type in different ways to display this.

insert design sheet.

Out of the two designs I prefer and i am going to use the one which has the underline in it, I have chosen this one because the font is all the same throughout and reads better. It looks more joined together and looks better within the design and style of it.

Tag Line
I have also thought up of a tag line which can be applied to the products too:

'creative paper for creative minds'

This comes from the idea of showing that the fedrigoni papers are adaptable and can be used in many different ways, but you need a creative mind in order to apply them like that.
Hence creative paper and creative minds.

This will mainly be used within the publication and if it looks right / has context on the posters i will include it on that also.

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