Tuesday, 11 December 2012

OUGD504 // Design for Print and Web // Crit Feedback

We had another progress crit today on the design for print and web brief, this to me seemed not necessary as alot of people didnt actually have that much work done for the crit or anything to crit on.

For my work, i tried to lock down the products and promotion ideas and how it is going to be used within the target audience.
I managed to get a logo and branding done for the project, which i think helped understand the project and what it was about.

- strong logo design
- looks professional on web / screen
- thorough research already - quantitative and qualitative
- thought about it in context and looked at existing products.

- good research
- well laid out / designed
- good health campaign research
- good logo design, very good to see it used across different media.
- good effective products and formats - good for target audience - like idea of linking info graphics

Areas for improvements:
- not sure about the branding on packaging/ unreadable and doesn't relate to logo
the illustrations on my presentation was just a quick mock up to illustrate the logo in across different  media, this isn't the design for the packaging - so not really relevant to the project!

- narrow down 'anyone else' this could be a broad range of people some of whom would not use it.

-What are the products going to be?
I outlined this on the pages that said 'products' - pay attention - newspaper / publication / promotional material / website 

- What will reduce stress levels? - research into this more

- If youre that much of a workaholic how are you going to persuade them to stop and take time out? Has to interest them / catch their eye.
- The idea of food packaging you had, would work well as they will already be on their break so         wont take any extra time of their job.

- Start target audience at 20 - some people start working before 20, some after. Use 20 as your average

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