Tuesday, 5 March 2013

OUGD503 // Ella's Kitchen // Publication mock up

From deciding that I am going to concentrate on doing the publication, i have started to look at some publication formats, i knew that i wanted to look at multi-page documents, as this would work in favour for breaking down and displaying Ella's Kitchen.
I decided on three formats to choose from which i created a small mock up version so i could show to Greg and make a decision on the format to use.

This format is using the idea of a tabbed publication. It has a thinner but taller format to it and is split into three panels. Once the publication is opened properly there will be a smaller bound publication on the inside, which has two panels either side to be used for information - this would be content of the publication and contact details.

The inside publication, which would sit between the two outside panels, would be bound into the left spine. This would be a tabbed publication, this format was chosen so that the publication could be broken down into the different areas and then the user would be able to find each one easy and be able to flip to it. 

The Second format is the use of a multi-document publication. This is a series of 4 different sized bound publication. Each individual publication is bound separately, but to them into one collection, they will be bound together be using a card outer sleeve, this will attach all the publication together but also allow them to read separately. This again is so the user can choose which section to read about and it will be a much smaller and detailed version of the information - this will communicate clearer and be a more manageable amount of information to take in.   

Publication collection.

Series of Booklets

the left panel is the card sleeve to connect them all together. 

The third publication format is taken from a GFSmith Publication. I saw this when they came in and did a talk to us last year and at that point thought it was pretty amazing. The publication is bound by using a piece of card and that is all, no string or glue is needed. You would design the publication like normal, but once printed you then cut a slot down the spine and insert the card section which acts as a bind, this makes a loop which you slot another piece of card or some sort of design into a secures the space between the card loop and the spine of the publication, this keeps it locked in and the publication together. 

Here you can see the loop has been made by the card section coming through the slot in the publication, this then has another peice of card put into the loop to secure the publication. 

I think that i can adapt this binding method and use the split of the publication as a way to break down the publication into more sections. This will work in my advantage to communicate the brand and also be a more innovative and exciting publication to read. 

The fourth publication is another adaption of the second one, with the series of small publication, except this time, it has a full bleed front cover and is bound together as a set differently. The idea of the publication is exactly the same and the fact that each publication would be a different section of the brand. 

The change comes in here, as you can on the front and back page there will be a small fold, which is folded inwards on the publication. This will be on both the front and back cover, it will allow the other publication to be slotted in between and then the bind would be on the tab. This gives the front cover a full bleed of the width and height of the publication and appear to have no bind / doesn't display it and get in the way of the design. 

here you can see that the publications slot in between the two tabs on the covers to be able to connect them all together to display as one publication. 

After showing Greg all four publication and having a brief discussion on them all and how they would work, we decided to use the Third publication - the GFSmith bound publication. We both felt that this would work with the way we are wanting to display the information about the company and it is a different and innovative way to bind the publication. Its something different for the user to look and interactive with. 

Working on adapting the publication
After working on the publication further and looking into the binding technique to work with the format of the publication better, i have created a better mock up which is a clear representation of the publication i am going to create. This also shows the planing of each page within the publication and how it will be set out throughout. 

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