Tuesday, 2 April 2013

OUGD503 // Threadless

Threadless Tee shirt Design Brief:

Submit a design to Threadless

You are Threadless. You make the ideas, you pick what we sell, you’re why we exist.

And the whole dang process starts right here. With your idea. Think you’ve got a show stopper up in that noggin of yours? Well pull it out of there and submit it!

Check out the steps below to submit a design for all kinds of products! (Bonus points for presenting your design on more than one type of product!)

With this brief it was a good opportunity to work on a t-shirt design which didnt have to be anything specific, it was up to me for the design of it and what it would be of.
I wanted to work on my illustration skills more and infact my drawing skills too, the one thing that i wanted to try and illustrate was an animal, so i set to work looking on the animal to illustrate, i decided on doing a antelope, because they looked interesting to draw and characterise.

After drawing the image out roughly on paper, i drew around the image with a fine liner to make it easier to see the outline when i scanned it in.

From this drawing I could then use the pen tool in illustrator to draw around the antelope image and make it into a vector

This was the initial outlined version of the antelope, which i was happy with, the drawing of the animal went much better than i thought, so when it came to digitally illustrating the animal it made it much easier because i could just follow the lines of the drawing, adjusting it here and there to make it flow better with the illustration. 

This was the colour scheme in which i used throughout the illustration. Obviously the browns were for the colour of the animal, the three browns were for tonal differenced throughout the illustration. The burgundy red was for the ring around the animal, which makes it look as though it popping out of the design. 

This is the final coloured image, i added a background colour just to emphasise the drawing and i thought it looked better on this background than white. When i was looking at the final drawing i wasnt that happy with the antlers of the animal, the top part of them seemed unbalanced, with the spacing between the top antler and the middle making the illustration feel out of proportion. 

To correct this i simply took away the top section of the antler to leave this as the final design, as it will be mocked up on tee shirts for the submission of the competition i took away the coloured background. 

For submission you could submit 3 slides of the design, this had to include the design and it mocked up on one of the products you intended it to work on. 
I decided to submit three slides, the first being on a mens t-shirt. The second is showing it on a womens t-shirt and the third is a close up of the design. This shows versatility with the logo over different garments.

Mens top

Women's top

Close up

Evidence that the designs were submitted. 

To show that the design could be used over a varied product range, i decided to mock the design up on more products, i wanted to keep it around the fashion product range, so i chose other garments, along with other accessories such as bags and cases. 

Iphone case




Laptop Case

I think showing the design on these products show how versatile the design actually is and that it can be used over a varied product range. I am really happy with the design, as it shows here it can be adaptable and still work on all products, giving them a striking design. 

This brief has been a quick turnaround brief and done in a night, i am happy with the illustration and drawing skills that i have worked on by doing this and created something over a wide range of fashion items, which isnt normally something i would do. 


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