Tuesday, 16 April 2013

OUGD505 // BBC Radio // Concepts

After coming up with the idea and where we were going to take this brief from doing the research booklet, we had to come up with 3 concepts that we could use in line with the idea of the brief.

Concept 1:
Audio and visual exhibition which uses interactivity throughout the gallery. This will work by using the spoken words of radio and exhibiting them through video and sound. The audience will learn about the radio through the clips and recordings of the radio. Visuals for the exhibition will come from images about the radio and of the radio throughout the years - using the history of the radio as the imagery for the visuals.

Concept 2:
Using the radio technology, parts and idea of radio waves as a visual aid to the exhibition. This will come through in the branding of the exhibition, for the exhibition itself I will use the idea of radio waves and how the radio connects to so many different areas and brings people together - the exhibits throughout the exhibition will be linked in some and use the radio waves as an aesthetic get this across.

Concept 3:
Interpreting the stations and shows of each BBC station and using the spoken words of the radio to create the artwork for the exhibition. This will focus on the tone of voice of each station and come through in the artwork for the exhibition. The whole exhibition could be based around one big piece which involves all stations or be a separate design for each station. Again it will work from showing the first radio shows to todays radio shows, and through typography and image, i will be able to show the difference in the shows.


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