Sunday, 18 September 2011


Once we had the brief name we now have to come up with a solution to this question. To start with we had a brainstorming session to think of the kind of things that are involved with the aspects of the brief name.

  • Diary
  • Calendar
  • Time Management
  • Planning money
  • Plan week out
  • Caffeine
  • Power naps
  • Plan time in uni
  • Important dates of uni
  • Alcohol
  • Pro plus
  • Split nights - arrange nights so do some work and social things 
  • Flatmates - consider what they are doing for the night
  • Which nights are are best/ enjoy the most
  • Time for domestic things - cleaning, washing clothes, cooking
  • Study time
  • Visits home
  • Uni holidays
  • Other events going on in Leeds - student union, festivals, things going on in town etc
After considering all of these things plus more we sat down and thought up of ideas that we could do to answer the brief.

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