Wednesday, 21 September 2011

After coming up with the 5 ideas we as a group have decided to go with idea 3; the calendar app. We decided to go with this one because we all felt that this is very current, with everyone having phones this seemed to fit in well, also from our questionnaire with the target audience the majority said they would rather use their phone calendar than a paper one.
With this decided we thought of the research we needed to carry out and the other things we had to get done for the project.

- Calenders/Formats - Emily
- Symbols/Phone Apps - Sophia
- Existing Phone Apps - Nathan
- College Time Table - Kate
- Interviewing Students - Steph 
- Recordings - Gregg

We decided that splitting the research up so everyone had abit to do would be better because each person would know more about each section and be able to tell the rest about it when it comes to doing that bit and its unfair to make one person do all the research.

Initial work to be done:
Name of Brand
Design Logo
Design Pop Up symbols
Design a presentation Layout

We decided that for the first couple of days we should all design/ come up with some ideas for these four sections, be it rough sketches or done on the computer.

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