Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Process

To start with i wrote down the designs which i was going to do and decided how i was going to do each design; either hand drawn or using card. I also wrote which colour card to use on each design.

After this i started to cut out the 15x15cm squares which my designs of the letters are going to sit in.

For cutting out the squares i used a t-sqaure to get all my lines straight and measured out each square, i cut them out using a scalpel and ruler.

These are all the materials etc that i used to make my letters

Letters drawn onto tracing paper to transfer onto the final card cut outs

Process used to get the letter drawn onto the card, then i went round the outline in pen and coloured it in

Drawing onto the card ready to cut out

cut out letter

On one of the letter when i traced onto the card it left a dent in the card, so i had to retrace the outline and trace it again to get rid of the in dent in the card.

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