Sunday, 18 September 2011


Idea 1:
Student Weekly Calendar

The timetable would be set out to include every day of the week and be broken down into morning, afternoon and night, with times in between these too. If providing for people on our course the uni timetable will already be written in or the student can do this themselves in the boxes provided under each day. The free spaces around these are then the student social life. The calendar will come with stickers which indicate different social things e.g. night life, cleaning, gym, meeting friends, pub, going home, tea, washing clothes etc. The student can then place these stickers into the empty spaces and plan there week out effectively.
The calendar will be designed to fit the students, its not going to be formal, like in a students diary. Hopefully this encourage them to use it more.

Idea 2:
Alcohol Vs Caffeine

This idea is more based upon branding. The idea is to use alcohol to represent social life and caffeine as uni life, we decided these as they are both things you need to complete each thing its representing.
As with both Alcohol and Caffeine if you were to buy them in shops they come with warnings on them for if you consume too much, so using that idea we would replace it with what the affect would be if you used the product.
e.g Alcohol - good night out, makes feel happy, have a good time with friends, get things done, meet new people etc
Caffeine - stay up longer to do work, if do a good job get better rewards, better job, pass first year etc.

We thought that this could be visually shown as using a bottle of vodka and a mug. The information in which we are talking about could be used in different typography and put inside the objects or made into a label and put onto the objects.
The final outcomes from this would be to present it on posters, flyers, leaflets etc.

Idea 3:
App for iPhone/ Blackberry.

This idea came from the majority of us in our group having a smartphone, as everyone in the world today has a phone and lots of things are moving towards the digital world we thought this would fit in nicely.
The idea is to have a app which is like a calendar that you can set up each day to how you want it, having your uni times in and what you are going to do before and after this or during in. The app comes into to play when you have decided all this you can set alarms, pop ups, noises which will appear on the screen of your phone when you need to be there or when its happening. This brings a modern day diary/calendar into the digital world but adds a new twist with having a more fun alarm system.

For the alarms, pop ups etc we thought we could do simple typography, illustrations, symbols etc to show the events when they come up on the mobile screen.
We also thought of an idea of using voice recordings of the tutors, so when you put in your uni times, you can assign a recording of the tutor to their session.
We also came up with 'Fred mode'. As Fred doesn't like phones being turned on when in lesson, you can turn the app onto Fred mode, once in this mode everything becomes silent and the alarms just turn into pop ups that appear/ soft vibration, you will still be able to know about the event as you will see it or feel it vibrate.

Idea 4:
Group Flyer/ Planner

As all students live with flatmates, this idea is to incorporate them into your week. The planner would be printed out as a big sheet, which you would put up in your kitchen or communal area. This would have the week laid out on which each flatmate can add there uni timetable in; so everyone knows when each person is in uni around the uni times the flat can then organise the time according to what everyone wants to do.
Not only does this bring the flat together and get everyone having a good time together, you can decide days when you all are going to clean or if any one wants to do group cooking. Its also a way of knowing when everyones going to be in and out of the flat; can come up with a rota for the showers etc.

Idea 5:
Voice recording/alert

All the tutors which we have a college would record a certain phrase or more than one. This can then be assigned to certain session which they are taking and then pops up on your phone with the voice recording so you know you should be with them in a lesson.
This could incorporate a calendar as well or maybe more of a notepad feel, the voice recording would go off and you could click for more information which tells you where you should be, what time, who with and what you need with you.
This is quite a fun idea, bringing the modern world and digital technology to something thats quite traditional; an alarm.

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