Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Summer Brief

After designing my alphabet we were told to choose our favourite 10 letters out of it. Here are the ones i chose, I chose these because i think these are the ones that look the best and are the most legible out of the whole alphabet.

When we had stuck our typeface up on the studio wall and looked at it stuck up, i realised that mine was very legible from far away, the font is too thin and cant really be seen from a distance. Other than this i do really like the font.

Within our group we had to come up with 10 things that was common in everyones typeface:
1. Music was a theme in all
2. Mostly lower case
3. All about likes/interests
4. All made up fonts - not based on an existing one
5. All designed on a computer
6. Food theme
7. Colourful
8. Digital outcomes
9. All had plain backgrounds
10. Each typeface was consistent within.

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