Sunday, 18 September 2011

Writing of the brief

When we started the workshop on friday morning i didn't realise that we were in essence writing the brief. We started off by writing a list of 50 problems a student would have in leeds. We then categorised these problems into relevant things which organise the problems better. After this we had to pick our top 10.

Our group chose:
1. Not wearing stripes on stripy friday
2. Bad nights out
3. Missing pets
4. Having a one night stand with someone on the course
5. Getting lost
6. Not being able to cook food
7. Not understanding accents

After every group had done this we had to pick five from the hat. We got:
1. How to avoid getting lost
2. How to manage your time
3. How to travel around Leeds
4. How to avoid being late and being told off by Fred
5. How to balance social life and uni life.

We eventually chose to do number 5. We chose this one as we felt it was the most broad and would give is more freedom in thinking of ways to solve the problem. We also felt that this could be the most fun as it included both social life; which can lead into nights out, flatmates etc and uni life.

So the name to our first brief is:
How to balance social life and Uni life?

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